Rylee & Ryan‘s Wedding at The Woodwinds in Branford, CT showcased a blooming beautiful celebration, with the couple taking DIY to the next level by creating their own stunning flower decor for their wedding day. Inspired by their journey, here are three friendly do’s to sprinkle some DIY magic on your own wedding decor:

  1. Start Early, Stay Zen: Early birds get the prettiest petals! Don’t wait for the last minute. Kick off your flower adventure well ahead of the big day. By starting early, you can skip the stress and enjoy every step. Picture this: a relaxed stroll through the flower market, no wedding eve chaos in sight.
  2. Pinterest is Your Pal, Not the Boss: Scroll through Pinterest like it’s your wedding fairy godmother. You find ideas galore, but here’s the trick – don’t let Pinterest boss you around. It’s more like a helpful friend than a rulebook. Let the ideas inspire you, but add your own twist. Make it yours, not just a copy-paste job.
  3. Team Up for the Win: Turn flower duty into a tag-team dream, ask your bridesmaids for help. From picking petals to arranging bouquets, make it a night of fun. Teamwork makes the dream work! 

So, to all you future DIY maestros out there, take a leaf out of Rylee and Ryan’s book! These are the ingredients for crafting a wedding as uniquely beautiful as your love story. Happy crafting, and may your wedding day be a masterpiece of your own making!

Photography: Wedding Couture Photography (Lisa)
Dress: A Wedding Boutique
Ceremony: The Woodwinds 
Reception Location: The Woodwinds 
Entertainment: Local Motion Entertainment 

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