Christina & Aleksander’s Wedding at Aria in Prospect, CT set the stage for our discussion on choosing a date that’s not quite fall and not quite winter but somewhere in the middle. Inspired by their celebration in early November, let’s weigh the pros and cons of a winter wonderland versus a cozy autumn celebration.


Winter Weddings: Enchanting landscapes covered in snow or a cozy and beautifully decorated indoor venue with a unique color palette.

Fall Weddings: Breathtaking fall colors and stunning sunsets that add a warm and romantic touch to the celebration.

In between Fall & Winter: Having a wedding date in between fall and winter, with no fall colors and no snow, offers a unique and serene atmosphere. The transitional landscape provides a clean and minimalist backdrop, allowing the focus to be on the couple and their celebration. The beauty of nature in its subtle transition creates a timeless and elegant setting for a memorable wedding day.


Winter Weddings: Potential challenges in securing RSVPs due to the holiday season, and navigating through difficult driving conditions.

Fall Weddings: Unpredictable weather poses a risk, and the vibrant fall foliage is relatively short-lived – too early or too late, and the scenery might not live up to expectations.

Advice for both: Regardless of the season you choose, always have a solid plan B. Mother Nature can be unpredictable, so having a backup plan is your secret weapon.

Embrace the beauty of the season no matter what the weather is, and may your wedding day be filled with warmth, love, and unforgettable moments that echo through the seasons of your shared life. Cheers to the love story of Christina and Aleksander!

Photography: Wedding Couture Photography (Lisa & Niles)
Dress: White Dress by the Shore
Florist: Flowers by Danielle 
Ceremony: Aria Wedding and Banquet Facility
Reception Location: Aria Wedding and Banquet Facility
Entertainment: Local Motion Entertainment

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