Sara & Jeffrey’s Engagement Session at Edgerton Park in New Haven, CT set the stage for a crisp October day filled with love and laughter as the couple ventured into the stunning surroundings for their photoshoot. Here are three handy tips that totally made Sara and Jeff’s engagement photoshoot a blast! We thought they might help you get ready for your own engagement shoot:

  1. Pick Your Sweet Spot: Finding a spot that feels cozy and natural to both of you is key. It could be where you had your first date, a favorite park, or just a spot that holds some special memories. Think about the vibe you both dig—romantic, laid-back, or maybe adventurous? That way, when the camera starts clicking, you’re in a place that makes you both feel totally at ease.
  1. Coordinate Your Outfits (But Don’t Match-Match): Cozying up in clothes that complement each other’s style is a neat idea. Not saying you gotta dress alike (that can be a bit much!), but rather, think about colors that work together or a vibe that’s in sync. Like, if Sarah’s rockin’ a flowy dress, Jeff might look slick in a shirt that ties in with the color or mood. Coordinating, not twinning!
  1. Relax and Have Fun: The most important thing? Letting your love do its thing! It’s your time to shine together. Forget about the camera for a bit and just be yourselves—laugh, cuddle, dance, whatever floats your boat. Those genuine moments of love and laughter will be the ones that really steal the show in your photos. So, don’t stress too much about poses or stuff like that—just let your love flow, and it’ll shine through the lens!

Sarah and Jeff totally rocked their shoot, and I hope these tips give you some awesome ideas for your own! Remember, it’s all about having fun!

Photography: Wedding Couture Photography (Kari)

Location: Edgerton Park, New Haven

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