Alyssa & Michael‘s Wedding at Norwich Inn and Spa in Norwich, CT marked the beginning of a beautiful journey as the couple embarked on their wedding day. One thing they were certain of was to have their first touch. It wasn’t just a tradition; it was a heartfelt choice that resonated with their shared story in more ways than one. Here are three reasons why this simple yet profound gesture became an integral part of their special day:

  1. Anticipation and Shared Excitement: Before the grand moment of walking down the aisle, Alyssa and Michael craved a fleeting yet intimate connection. Their first touch became that eagerly awaited spark, a moment to exchange a reassuring touch, to share an inside joke, or simply feel the warmth of each other’s presence. It was the preface to their ‘I do’s, a beautiful snippet of togetherness amid the buzzing excitement.
  1. A Calm Amidst the Wedding Storm: In the whirlwind of last-minute preparations and nervous butterflies, that private moment of touch became their anchor. As they stood apart, hands almost touching or fingers interlacing, it was like a shared secret in the midst of the bustling day. A few moments to ground themselves, to take a breath, and to find solace in each other’s touch amidst the joyful chaos.
  1. Gift Exchange: The exchange of gifts during their initial touch was more than a customary act; It turned into a fun surprise when they gave gifts by passing them behind their backs. Instead of just handing presents, they made it a playful game, adding excitement to their first touch experience.

For Alyssa and Michael, their decision to share a first touch wasn’t just about tradition or formality; it was a beautifully personal choice that encapsulated the essence of their love story.

Photography: Wedding Couture Photography (Dawn & Niles)
Hair and Makeup:  LA Page Makeup
Dress: Mariella Creations
Florist: Lindsay Deprula
Ceremony: Norwich Inn and Spa
Reception Location: Norwich Inn and Spa
Entertainment: DJ Christie 
Videography: Barnberry Productions

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