Valerie & Pete’s Wedding at Tate’s Restaurant in Middletown, CT was a wild ride as they navigated the challenges of planning their wedding. The venue unfortunately was not 100% ready to be indoors so they did a beautiful job planning everything outdoors with a tented area for reception and a separate tented area for their ceremony. You can imagine all of the back and forth and all of the “what ifs” that happen when planning such a wedding BUT it turned out gorgeous. Tate’s did a wonderful job with creating something out of nothing for this couple and everything went really well.

The couple was amazing to work with and honestly very go with the flow. I don’t think it would have been so successful if they were anything but. Let’s talk about the weather for a minute…LOL There was rain in the forecast ALL DAY LONG. So of course being a tented wedding and everything being outdoors you can imagine how challenging this was as a photographer. Well believe it or not, IT DIDN’T RAIN AT ALL!!! Call it luck or whatever but this couple had a great day. I think the moral of this story is that EVERYTHING WORKS OUT, in some way or another and YOUR wedding will always work out too.

Photography: Wedding Couture Photography (Susie)
Dress: White Dress by the Shore 
Ceremony: Tate’s Restaurant
Reception Location: Tate’s Restaurant
Entertainment: Powerstation Events (Ryan Roberts)

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