Genevieve & Reggie‘s Wedding at Aria in Prospect, CT illustrates that selecting a wedding date involves more than just practicality; it blends sentimentality and personal preference. Here are tips to make choosing your wedding date easier.

  1. Venue availability often plays a significant role in determining the wedding date. As Genevieve and Reggie discovered during their venue hunt, many sought-after locations get booked quickly, which might lead couples to select a date based on what’s available.
  1. Sentimental connections can also influence the choice of a wedding date. Did you meet somewhere special to celebrate your anniversary every year? Did you have your first date or get engaged all in the spring time or same location? Reflecting on cherished memories like these can help couples pick a date that holds personal importance.. 
  1. Considering seasons is another factor. If you have a favorite season, why not get married during that time? For Genevieve and Reggie, the allure of the fall season with its vibrant foliage and cozy atmosphere made October an ideal choice. Conversely, couples might want to avoid certain seasons due to weather preferences, like steering clear of the heat in July or August.

Ultimately, picking a wedding date doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It can be an enjoyable experience by asking simple questions like the ones above. Genevieve and Reggie found joy in combining practical considerations with sentimental value to select a date that was perfect for them. Happy Wedding Planning!

Photography: Wedding Couture Photography (Dawn & Niles)
Hair and Makeup:  Blush Beauty Collective
Dress: Lucille’s Bridal Shop
Florist: Gallery of Flowers by Phil
Ceremony:  Aria Wedding and Banquet Facility
Reception Location: Aria Wedding and Banquet Facility
Entertainment: That’s Entertainment

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