Kristina and Jonathan’s Wedding at Aria in Prospect, CT was an enchanting wedding that unfolded like a magical tale, where their Beauty and the Beast-themed celebration came to life in the most wondrous way possible.

Now, let’s sprinkle some magic on your Beauty and the Beast-inspired celebration with three enchanting tips inspired by this remarkable couple:

  1. Embrace the Tale As Old As Time in Your Beauty Routine: Channeling your inner Belle wasn’t just about the dress; it was about capturing that ethereal glow. Ladies, take a page from her book and start your beauty regimen well in advance. Treat yourself to facials, experiment with rose-infused skincare, and find the perfect shade of lipstick that makes you feel like a Disney princess. This isn’t just about the day itself, but feeling radiant every step of the way!
  1. Enchanting Décor Straight from the Castle: Transform your venue into a dreamlike castle. Incorporate gold accents, rich red roses, candelabras, and magical touches that bring the fairy tale to life. Remember, it’s the little details that weave the magic. Perhaps a grand entrance adorned with rose petals or centerpieces that transport guests to the enchanted world of Beauty and the Beast.
  1. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching (Except Maybe Lumière): The grand finale! Take a leaf out of Kristina and Jonathan’s book and let loose on the dance floor. The first dance was their moment to shine, swaying to the timeless melody that enchanted hearts. Consider taking dance lessons to waltz gracefully or add a touch of drama with a choreographed routine. The aim is not just to dance but to tell your love story through every step.

Remember, your wedding day is your chance to create your very own fairy tale. Channel your inner Belle and Beast, sprinkle some magic dust, and make your special day an affair to remember.

Cheers to love, laughter, and a happily ever after that’s uniquely yours! 🥂💖✨

Photography: Wedding Couture Photography (Dawn)

Ceremony: Aria Wedding and Banquet Facility

Reception Location: Aria Wedding and Banquet Facility

Entertainment: Michael Simonetta

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