Kaylee & Charles’ Engagement Session at Edgarton Park in New Haven, CT set the stage for an epic, stress-free adventure. Let’s chat about how to turn your engagement shoot into an epic, stress-free adventure—just like Kaylee and Charles did during their swoon-worthy session at Edgarton Park in New Haven, CT. They totally aced it, and here are three game-changing tips we swear by:

  1. Location Sweet Spot: Kaylee and Charles knew exactly why Edgarton Park was their jam. It wasn’t just a picturesque backdrop. When picking your spot, think about places that have sentimental value—where you shared laughs, stole glances, and made memories. Being in a spot that speaks to your journey together sets the stage for relaxed and genuine vibes.
  1. Outfit Harmony, Not Matchy-Matchy: These two rocked their individual styles but made sure they meshed well together. They didn’t go all twinsies with their outfits but instead chose threads that complemented each other’s vibes. It’s not about perfectly matching colors but rather about coordinating styles and feeling confident in what you wear. When you feel good, you look amazing, and that radiance shines through in every click of the camera.
  1. Let Your Love Story Unfold: Kaylee and Charles didn’t force poses or put on airs. Nope! They let their love lead the way. They giggled, danced, stole kisses—just being authentically themselves. It’s not about playing models; it’s about embracing the genuine connection you share. Those candid moments between poses? Pure gold. Let your personalities take center stage, and your shoot will capture the real, beautiful you. (They let the photographer lead them somewhere or photographer is guiding them through the engagement session)

So, to all the couples gearing up for their own engagement shoots—take a leaf out of Kaylee and Charles’s book. Find your special spot, wear what makes you feel amazing together, and let your love story unfold naturally. Trust me, the results will be a stunning reflection of your unique journey together.

Here’s to love, laughter, and picture-perfect moments that’ll last a lifetime!

Photography: Wedding Couture Photography (Dawn)

Location:  Edgarton Park

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