Sarah & Christopher‘s Wedding at Aria in Prospect, CT was a dreamy affair filled with love and blossoms. Planning your dream wedding? Let’s talk about flowers! Picking the perfect florist is like finding the right dress or crafting the ultimate playlist—it’s a crucial part of creating your ideal day. Here are three top tips to ensure your floral dreams blossom beautifully:

  1. Sniff Around Online: Get your Sherlock hat on (but in a nice way)! Start your hunt by browsing social media and websites. Check out portfolios—see if their style matches your vision. Whether you’re into wildflower whimsy or sleek, modern arrangements, look for reviews to uncover real-life experiences that can guide your choice.
  1. Meet and Greet: Narrow down your floral contenders and set up meetings! This is your chance to share your vision. Show them your Pinterest boards or doodles. A great florist won’t just listen but will also ignite your excitement with fresh ideas. Remember, vibe matters—pick someone who feels like a floral soulmate!
  1. Budget Like a Boss: Flowers are stunning but can hit the wallet hard. Before falling for that bouquet worthy of a Monet painting, talk budget. A skilled florist can work wonders within your financial limits. They might suggest seasonal blooms or clever alternatives to achieve your desired look without splurging.

Take your time, trust your gut, and when you find the one who gets your floral dreams, you’ll stroll down the aisle surrounded by blooms that steal your heart. Happy florist hunting! Here’s to making your wedding day a flowery fairytale you’ve always envisioned!

Photography: Wedding Couture Photography (Lisa)
Dress: David’s Bridal 
Florist: Amberworks (Amber Ochoa)
Ceremony: Aria Wedding & Banquet
Reception Location: Aria Wedding & Banquet
Entertainment: Mark the Shark DJ

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