Brittany and Andrew’s Sunflower Field Engagement Session bloomed with the vibrant hues of their love amidst the golden petals, a decision made with the awareness that sunflowers grace the fields for only a brief season. Their journey to select this picturesque spot was guided by three relaxed tips, ensuring their session reflected the authenticity of their bond while keeping it as breezy as their love story.

1. Follow Your Vibes: Think about the places that make your hearts race. Whether it’s where you had your first date or that hidden gem you both love, pick a location that vibes with your love story. Trust your gut; it knows where the magic happens.

2. Match Your Style: Your location should match your style. Keep it casual, keep it “you.” If you’re comfy, the camera will capture your love in its purest form.

3. Less Stress, More Fun: Don’t overthink it. The best locations are often the ones that feel effortless. Whether it’s a local park, a charming cafe, or your cozy living room, the key is to relax and let your love shine. The more casual, the more fun.

Here’s to finding your perfect engagement shoot backdrop!

Photography:Wedding Couture Photography (Susie)
Engagement Location: Branford, CT

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