Angelina & Charley’s Wedding at Cascades Banquet in Hamden, CT was a whirlwind of emotions and joyous moments. Planning such a grand celebration often entails a rollercoaster ride of excitement and stress, particularly when the day itself arrives. However, managing wedding day stress is entirely feasible! Here are three invaluable tips that ensured Angelina and Charley, the radiant bride and groom, maintained their composure, resulting in a magical day:

  1. Breathe and Take Breaks: Seriously, it sounds simple, but it’s oh-so-important. Amidst the chaos of getting ready, greeting guests, and making sure everything’s on point, don’t forget to breathe. Take short breaks to just… be. Sneak away for a quiet moment, breathe deeply, and remind yourself why this day is so special. Whether it’s a quick walk outside or a few moments alone in a room, these mini escapes can work wonders to keep you centered.
  2. Delegate Like a Boss: Repeat after me: “I don’t have to do it all.” Trust your tribe of family, friends, and vendors who are there to support you. Delegate tasks! You’ve picked your crew for a reason, right? Put them to work (nicely, of course) so you can focus on being present and soaking in every precious moment. Let your crew handle any last-minute details, and let your bestie make sure everyone’s got a glass of bubbly. You’ll thank yourself for it later.
  3. Embrace the Imperfections: Guess what? Perfect weddings only exist in fairytales. There might be tiny hiccups along the way—maybe the flower arrangement isn’t exactly as planned or Dad forgot his tie. Embrace these imperfections; they’re what make your day uniquely yours. Remember, no one else knows the specifics of your plan, so to everyone else, it’s all just part of the magic. Laugh it off, roll with the punches, and keep that smile shining.

Remember, this day is about celebrating your love and commitment. Don’t let stress steal the spotlight! With a few deep breaths, a little help from your squad, and a mindset focused on embracing the moment, you’ll breeze through the day like the superstar couple you are. Cheers to your happily ever after! 

Photography: Wedding Couture Photography (Dawn)
Dress: Atiana’s Boutique
Ceremony: Cascades Banquet
Reception Location: Cascades Banquet
Entertainment: Tri-State DJ company 
Videography: Wedding Elites

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