Melissa and Michael’s Wedding at Vyne Restaurant & Bar in Middlebury, CT was an exquisite celebration of love and unity. Ready to embark on the exciting journey of choosing your wedding theme or color motif? Let’s keep it simple and stress-free. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect fit for your wedding day.

  1. Color Connection: Think about the colors that resonate with you both. Open your closets and see which shades dominate. Your wedding should reflect your personality and what makes you happy.
  2. Trends vs. Timeless: While trendy elements can be fun, remember that your wedding photos will last a lifetime. Combine trendy with timeless to create a balance that keeps your wedding day looking fresh and meaningful for years to come.
  3. Embrace the Seasons: Consider the time of year you’re tying the knot. Each season has its unique charm. Whether it’s the blooming flowers of spring, the warm tones of autumn, or a winter wonderland, let Mother Nature be your guide.

So, your wedding theme and color motif are the canvas for your love story. Keep it personal, choose what resonates with you, and let your unique journey shine. Cheers to creating the wedding of your dreams!

Photography: Wedding Couture Photography (Heather)

Florist: Flawless Functions

Ceremony: Vyne Restaurant & Bar

Reception Location: Vyne Restaurant & Bar

Entertainment: Power Stations Event

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