Amanda and Brandon’s Engagement Session at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, CT was a delightful reflection of their love story. Here are some casual and friendly tips to ensure a relaxed and fun engagement shoot that captures the essence of your love story:

  1. Pick a Familiar and Meaningful Location: Think about places that hold special memories or reflect your personalities as a couple. It could be the park where you had your first picnic or the cozy cafe where you had your first date. Choosing a familiar setting can help you both feel comfortable and at ease, making it easier to showcase your genuine connection and emotions. Plus, familiarity often breeds relaxation, making the engagement shoot more enjoyable.
  1. Relax and Be Yourselves: Remember, this is about celebrating your unique relationship! Embrace your quirks, inside jokes, and natural interactions. Don’t be afraid to be playful or show affection; these candid moments often result in the most heartwarming and authentic photos. When you relax and be yourselves, it shines through in the images, capturing the essence of your love in a more genuine way.
  1. Communicate with Your Photographer: Your photographer is like your guide through this experience. Share your ideas, concerns, and preferences with them beforehand. Let them know if there are specific shots or styles you adore, or if there’s anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Building a rapport with your photographer allows them to understand your vision better and helps create a comfortable atmosphere during the engagement shoot.

Remember, the goal of an engagement shoot is not just to get beautiful photos but also to enjoy the process and create lasting memories. So, relax, have fun, and cherish this special time together as you embark on this exciting journey towards your big day!

Photography: : Wedding Couture Photography (Kari and Niles)
Engagement Location:  Harkness Memorial State Park

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