If you want a beach feel for your engagement session, then you definitely want to photograph your Engagement Session at Hammonasset State Park in Madison, CT. There are several beach in CT but not all are accessible or FREE. Lighthouse Point in New Haven, for example, does charge a fee to be photographed there. Many beaches in CT are also private where you are not able to go on the premises. 

Here are 3 tips to think about when choosing an beach engagement session location in CT:

  1. Check for additional cost OR permission to step foot on the property. Some beaches say private property stays off. Other beaches or public parks that have beaches will charge a fee to enter AND a fee to photograph on the premises. The fee ranges anywhere from $50-150 depending on where you go. 
  2. Are there multiple areas to photograph? OR is it just sand beach and sky? As a professional photographer we love where we can have multiple place to photograph in the same location. For example, Hammonasset has some really great areas of overgrown grass, some cool areas where there are fences, there are rocks and wood bridges etc etc. So lots of places to photograph all in the same area. 
  3. Can you see the Sunset clearly? Do you know that not all beaches you can see the sunset? Sometimes it sets over houses or weird looking foreground areas which are more of a focal point than the sunset itself. Ask friends or family where the sun sets in the area you are looking at, OR better yet, ask US; your photographers, more than likely we will. 

Whether or not you have a beach engagement session OR a park engagement session, relax and have a good time. Your pictures will come out great. 

Photography: : Wedding Couture Photography (Dawn + Niles)

Engagement Location: Hammonasset State Park

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