What type of location comes to mind when you think of the word “fancy”? Mansions of course! So when engaged couple Jackie & Joe came to me wanting a “GLAM” engagement session to set the tone for their black tie upcoming wedding, I immediately thought of Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown, CT.  A nineteenth century Beaux Art style mansion, is the quintessential country estate. Graced by expansive lawns and surrounded by 103 acres of wooded parklands the Mansion reflects an era of grandeur and elegance. It was the perfect backdrop for Jackie & Joe’s dream engagement session.

Elegant. Classy. Glamorous. Romantic. Those are just a few words that describe Jackie and Joe’s engagement session at Wadsworth Mansion. They had an absolute blast and we made them feel like a king and queen of the day!! They were so easy to pose and I especially loved the sassy and sexy shots of them! There is so much love between these two and it was beautiful to see! 

Congrats Jackie & Joe!! You had such a beautifully glam engagement session, we can’t wait to see how gorgeous & classy your wedding will be next July! 

No matter what the season you choose, your engagement session will always be beautiful, creative, and 100% uniquely yours! This is the time to celebrate and capture your love for one another. Let’s set up a time to chat, and dream about your glamorous engagement session! 

Contact us at Wedding Couture Photography to get started. 

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