Linda + Stephen’s Wedding at Woodwinds in Branford CT

Linda and Stephen both got ready at the Holiday Inn Express hotel in Branford, CT. After Linda got her hair and makeup done by Ashleigh Taylor, and got into her David’s Bridal dress, everyone headed off to the Blackstone Memorial Library in Branford, CT for the first look. It was an absolutely adorable first look between the two of them, there was so much love! We took many wedding party pictures, as well as lots of pictures of Linda and Stephen all over the grounds of the Blackstone Memorial Library. Everyone had a great time! 

After that everyone got in the Specialty Transportation Limousine and drove to Woodwinds in Branford, CT. We were able to take even more pictures of the wedding party and bride and groom. Before we knew it it was time for the ceremony! The ceremony took place inside of Woodwinds. Linda was walked down the aisle by her son! Such a cute moment! The groom’s cousin was the officiant for the wedding which made it even more meaningful for the bride and groom. This is when everyone found out that Linda and Stephen have known each other for 11 years, and have been together for 4 years! 

During the reception, Linda and Stephen had an amazing time socializing and going from table to table to see all of their guests! They had Dennis from Saville Entertainment that kept the party going! Such a beautiful dream wedding day for Linda and Stephen! Congratulations! 

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Wedding Couture by Netmartin (Dawn)

Dress: David’s Bridal 

Hair and Makeup: Ashleigh Taylor Bridal Beauty

Getting Ready: Holiday Inn Express, Branford CT

Florist: Joanna Woodwinds Staff Florist

Photo Location: Blackstone Memorial Library Branford, CT

Ceremony: Woodwinds in Branford, CT

Limo: Specialty Transportation

Reception Location: Woodwinds in Branford, CT

Entertainment: Saville Entertainment (Dennis)

Danielle + Philip’s Wedding at Waterview in Monroe CT

Danielle and her girls got ready at her home. After Naomi salon finished hair and makeup, Danielle got into her dress from Marielle Creations, and put on her jewelry from Touchstone Crystal. She put on her borrowed shoes, grabbed her beautiful bouquet from Agness Corr and got into the Gateway Limousine with her girls, and mother! They headed off to the Waterview in Monroe, CT for her first look! 

Philip and his guys got ready at the Hampton Inn in Shelton, CT. There were a ton of guys packed into one hotel room, but they had a great time drinking, laughing, and watching sports together! After pictures of Philip getting ready, the guys got into the Gateway Limousine and also went to the venue, Waterview in Monroe

A few weeks prior to the big day we got a phone call from Danielle. She told us how she wanted to do something that wasn’t exactly traditional. Danielle wanted us to set Philip up for the first look but have a groomsman wear a wedding dress to surprise Philip instead! And that is exactly what we did! What a HILARIOUS moment! Definitely something that everyone involved will remember for the rest of their lives! Philip was so shocked and confused at first that he almost lifted the veil! 

After the fake first look we had the real romantic first look with Danielle and Philip outside on the grounds of Waterview overlooking the beautiful water! Such a sweet moment between the two of them! After that we went inside the Waterview to photograph the many family combinations that Danielle wanted. We got lots of wedding party pictures both inside and outside Waterview. Then we were able to focus on lots of GORGEOUS pictures of Danielle and Philip. Danielle wanted it all, sweet, cute, sassy, and traditional… and that’s exactly what we did, and we had a blast doing it! 

The wedding ceremony was held inside of the Waterview. When Philip saw Danielle walk down the aisle he cried, it was beautiful! The JP was Danielle’s uncle which made everything even more meaningful. Her uncle talked about how Danielle and Philip met while working at a store, and how their first kiss took place in the parking lot after work. And after that, all Danielle could think about was that kiss. Time went on and Philip joined the military…. But fast forward several years and the two of them reconnected, and tied the knot at the Waterview in Monroe CT. 

But the night was just beginning. The family, wedding party, and bride and groom were introduced by Donato from That’s Entertainment. Everyone got up and danced the whole night. Even the bride and groom crowd surfed! How awesome is that?? Danielle and Philip definitely had the wedding of their dreams! 

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Photography: Wedding Couture by Netmartin (Susie + Nicole)

Hair and Makeup: Naomi Salon

Dress: Mariella Creations in Rocky Hill, CT

Jewelry: Touchstone Crystal

Florist: Agnes Corr 

Groom Getting Ready: Hampton Inn in Shelton CT

Limo: Gateway Limousine

Ceremony: Waterview in Monroe, CT

Reception Location: Waterview in Monroe, CT

Entertainment: That’s Entertainment (Donato)

Nikki + Vinnie’s Wedding at Amarante’s in New Haven Connecticut

Nikki got her hair and makeup done by Bernadette Danielle & Co. at her mother’s house. She spent the whole morning with her mother, sister, nieces, sister-in-laws and almost in-laws! As you can already tell, Nikki is a very family oriented person! All of her girls helped her get ready, her sisters helped her get into her dress from Bliss Bridal, her mother helped with jewelry, and her in-law helped her with her shoes! With so much help it didn’t take long to get ready, and before you know it Nikki and her family was jumping into the Premier Bus to head to her Grandfather’s house for the first look with Vinnie. 

Vinnie was getting ready at Nikki’s Grandfather’s home with all of his groomsmen, father, and future nephews! When Nikki arrived we set up the first look by the gazebo. Vinnie was all smiles when he saw his bride! And the whole family was watching to see both of their expressions! 

Right after the first look we jumped into lots of wonderful family photos! Nikki and Vinnie were all about many different combinations! After many pictures, everyone hopped into the bus and went to the ceremony at St. John Boscos Parish- St. Mary’s Church of Branford. Following the ceremony and more family pictures, Nikki, Vinnie and the entire wedding party went across the street to the Blackstone Memorial Library. We let the wedding party go back inside the bus and we were able to concentrate on images of Nikki and Vinnie, outside and inside of the library! 

Nikki and Vinnie got into the bus and travelled to Amarante’s for more beautiful pictures and for their reception! I love how the bride and groom got such a wide variety of wedding images of the two of them. Going to multiple locations really allows for more creativity, and different feels for our couples! 

Now it was time to party! Having a New Years Eve wedding means you’re ready to have some fun! Duane from Lights Camera DJ got the party started and kept it going til after midnight! All the guests had a great time celebrating not only Nikki and Vinnie’s marriage, but bringing in the New Year! 

What a fantastic wedding! Congratulations Nikki and Vinnie! What a wonderful way to bring in 2020!

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Photography: Wedding Couture by Netmartin (Susie + Nicole)

Hair and Makeup: Bernadette Danielle & Co.

Dress: Bliss Bridal

Limo: Premier Bus

Photo Location: Blackstone Memorial Library

Venue: Amarante’s Sea Cliff

DJ: Lights, Camera, DJ