Kaylene & Robert‘s Wedding at The Riverview in Weatogue, CT, featuring a Great Gatsby theme, promises an unforgettable wedding event. Capturing their wedding was an incredible experience for me. It was my first time photographing such a glamorous event, and what really struck me was how all the guests enthusiastically embraced the theme. Here are three essential tips inspired by their vision.

  1. Capture the Era: Transport your guests back in time by incorporating art deco details throughout the venue. Consider using geometric patterns in your decorations, renting vintage cars for a grand entrance, and having a live jazz band playing throughout the evening to set the tone of the Roaring Twenties.
  1. Lavish Attire: Encourage your guests to fully embrace the spirit of the Great Gatsby era by suggesting flapper dresses adorned with fringe and sequins for the ladies, while the gentlemen can sport dapper suits paired with suspenders and bowties. Taking a cue from Kaylene and Robert, consider providing accessories like beads, feathered headbands, and props at the entrance to ensure everyone gets into character as they arrive at the reception.
  1. Captivating Entertainment: Elevate the ambiance with live jazz music that encapsulates the essence of the era. To add an extra touch of charm, consider including swing dance performances that channel the energy of the Roaring Twenties. For a delightful and nostalgic touch, Kaylene and Robert mesmerized their guests with beautifully choreographed dances and even shared special moments with their parents in choreographed routines, adding an emotional and memorable aspect to their celebration. 

For Kaylene and Robert, this celebration wasn’t just a wedding—it was a time-traveling experience and once-in-a-lifetime extravaganza, weaving together the magic of the past with the joyous promise of their future together. Congratulations, Kaylene & Robert, on a truly unforgettable celebration!

Photography: Wedding Couture Photography (Susie & Heidi)
Hair and Makeup:  AfterGlow
Dress: Mariella Creations
Florist: Diane Murray
Limo: Black Swan Limousine
Ceremony: The Riverview
Reception Location: The Riverview
Entertainment: David Hoffenberg

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