Brie & Matthew’s Wedding at Brass Rail Meeting House in Southwick, MA” marks the beginning of an incredible journey, and if you’re ready to embark on planning your dream wedding, here are three tips to kickstart this magical adventure:

  1. Dream Together: Grab a cozy spot, maybe with some snacks, and let your imaginations run wild! Chat about your dream wedding vibes—rustic barn, beachside bash, or maybe a whimsical garden affair? Get on the same page about the overall feel you both desire.
  1. Budget Chat (Yes, the ‘B’ Word): Money talk isn’t the most glamorous, but it’s crucial. Be real about your budget. Map out your priorities—splurge-worthy areas and places where you can save without sacrificing the magic.
  1. Hit the Research Trail: The internet’s your wedding planning BFF! Explore venues, photographers, caterers—dive into Pinterest, wedding blogs, and Instagram for inspiration. Create mood boards or a shared folder to collect ideas that resonate with both of you.

Remember, this journey is about the two of you and your unique love story. Keep the stress levels low, enjoy the process, and cheers to creating a day that screams ‘YOU’!

Photography: Wedding Couture Photography (Susie)
Dress: Jayden and Nicole
Ceremony: Brass Rail Meeting House
Reception Location: Brass Rail Meeting House

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