3 Ways to have a Successful COVID Wedding

The fact that I even have to write COVID WEDDING like this SUCKS. I’m sorry that most couples are being forced to make some kind of a decision to change wedding plans for 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. 

Here are 3 successful ways and options to have a Covid Wedding in 2020. The below options may not be ideal but nothing really  is ideal in this country currently. See if any of them fit well with your situation.

1. Have a Mini COVID Wedding Now and Big Reception/party in 2021 

Shrink your guest list and make the best of it. 


  • You’re Married!
  • You can still have your small ceremony in 2020
  • Everyone will be much safer
  • Still planning the big PARTY when it is safer and more comfortable


  • Your guest list is reduced to just your immediate family
  • Planning 2 events, one for this year and one for next

Tip from a bride that has done this.

“While we were going through the process of having to reschedule the wedding I saw a quote somewhere about “a marriage is for the couple, a wedding is for the family” and it really stuck with me. We rescheduled our wedding to May of 2021 so that we can celebrate with our families; however, we were ready to be married…so we did ☺️On our 6 year anniversary, 6/29/2020 we tied the knot and couldn’t have been happier with our decision to start our marriage now and celebrate with our families at the wedding next year”

See Sample of a Mini Wedding

2. Have a Backyard Covid Wedding with your state Guidelines

Have a different dream wedding come true.


  • You’re Married!
  • Celebrate your entire wedding with your friends and family safely
  • Cost is WAY down


  • Weather is unpredictable; being outside requires certain planning for comfort. 
  • Planning a completely different wedding that you originally had

Tip from a bride that has done this

You can still have your dream wedding. We planned our dream wedding at our venue and it was going to be elegant and beautiful and perfect and everything we could have asked for. For the longest time I couldn’t let go of the fact that we could no longer have that dream wedding. But when I let go of that, I was able to plan the most amazing backyard wedding! It ended up being my dream day! And the day couldn’t have been more perfect!

I think the right vendors make the day complete! You (wedding couture crew), the DJ, the hair salon, the caterers, the bakery- everyone was super understanding of the predicament we were in and went out of their way to adhere to the new crazy guidelines and still make our day special and perfect!

See Sample of a Backyard Wedding

3. Elope

 Take a Trip to Hawaii or Vegas and get married!


  • You will be married! It’s exciting and spontaneous
  • Does Not put ANYONE at Risk
  • COST is WAY down


  • All guests including family  would not see you get married
  • No big celebration with loved ones

Tip from a bride that has done this

Just do it! I see so many girls online contemplating if they should postpone or go through with the planned date. I couldn’t imagine waiting another year to be married. I’m so happy we adjusted our original plan! And it makes it even more special that we were able to pull it off during all this craziness.”

Tip From the Wedding Couture Crew: Whatever you decide, be happy about it. Make the best out of a bad situation. We can be there for whatever wedding you decide to have. 

With love,


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