It was a perfect day in Connecticut on June 23, 2021 for Augusta & Gregory’s wedding day! It is rare that I photograph a wedding on a Wednesday, but when I do it’s nice to see that this couple had a fantastic turnout. This couple is simply awesome! Their ceremony and reception both took place at Aria Banquet Hall in Prospect, CT. 

A simply awesome couple, they are so much in love. They really wanted a private first look, so we took them to one of the manicured gardens on Aria’s property and got some really sweet and romantic shots of their first look. 

And since no wedding is 100% perfect, it was brought to our attention that there was a missing marriage license! But it’s the best man to the rescue and he quickly retrieved it and brought it back to the ceremony. Because of him, we managed to get their timeline back on track. WHEW!

Aria did a fantastic job as always and it was now time to party down! I saw the most unique first dance between Augusta & Gregory. They sat in the middle of the dance floor and drank champagne and had a private conversation before they started their dance. It transitioned from fast paced to a slow dance and it was absolutely beautiful. 

All in all their day turned out wonderful! Congratulations Augusta & Gregory!!! We had a blast photographing your wedding day on a Wednesday!!

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Important People:

Photographer:  Wedding Couture Photography (Susie)

Ceremony/Reception: Aria Banquet Hall

Dress: Alexandra’s Boutique

Entertainment: DJ Jakido




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